Two sides of the stream…

Consider a stream with two shores.  Which shore would you travel?  You know that you will stray from the banks into the woods and explore the forests and fields, always returning to the flow of the stream, guiding you, enticing you, to the destination that the flow demands. Occasionally you find yourself wondering if the path would be easier or more rewarding on the other side.  But, the land continues to draw you to the great expanse and you turn your back on that haunting feeling that you are missing half of what might be possible, half of the challenge, half of the reward, half of the inspiration and discovery.

paraLLeLLives is about understanding the journey of two people, could be any two people, and their journey along the stream of life.  The stream may be small, or even a trickle with two friends holding hands across the narrow separation and able to stay connected.  But, the two could be separated by an ocean of complexity and yet they still follow a subtle path of time and space despite their distance.  In summary, there is something that both joins and separates us as we journey along the flow.

Let them sing!

Blue skies, crumpled leaves, and blustery winds
Wrapped around the cobbled bricks of buildings intertwined.

Voices fill the spaces with earnest thought
And wide eyed curiosity hanging from the moments
Strung together through themes and provocations
Day upon day, minute upon minute.

But, on this day, voices can be heard in the heart of the connected spaces drawing us to a crowded gathering.
A unison of message and mind
Reflections on a bygone era
A chorus that captures ten decades
In the smiling faces of musical accomplishment.

For one evening we are a single voice of memory,
Performers and Audience together.
Let the song have no ending.
Look back to look forward,
As a mirror embraces the eye.
Never forget!
Love, Learn, Live, Life
Let us be thankful and embrace our becoming!